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Helping 2-D artists improve their business and marketing skills & make more money from their art


Building the future

Over 20 years ago we each started our journey as artists. We know the struggle and lack of information that exists about how to make a living from your art.

Together, Cat Tesla & Julie Schumer bring more than 4 decades of professional art experience to the table. We can help you develop your art business and teach you how to sell more art.

  • You may have started to paint or even launched your art business, but that's not the issue. 

  • You're selling a painting now and again, but it's not consistent.

  • You don't always feel creative and not all of your paintings are turning out well.

  • You feel overwhelmed by the amount of marketing and business responsibilities required to keep things going.

  • Some shows are good, others aren't. You don't know why.

  • It seems there's never enough time to do everything.

  • As a creative, you're working alone. A lot.

  • When a problem arises, what do you do?

Why You Should Join Us + What You Get

Who is this membership for?

  • You’re a 2-D artist (painter, print-maker, collage artist, etc) who is trying to improve their art business, diversify their income and make more sales.

  • You need help problem-solving parts of your art business.

  • You want to grow your art business but aren’t sure how.

  • You enjoy being in a supportive community of like-minded artists.

Who this membership is not for:

  • Not recommended for artists who have it all figured out and do not need any help with their art business.

  • Not recommended for artists who are competitive or needy.

  • Not recommended for artists who aren’t interested in turning their art into a business/career.

What's in the Membership?

New Content is available EVERY Tuesday. Here's a sampling of what's already available to help you build your art business:

  • Time Management
  • Artwork Archive Tour
  • Shipping from Your Website
  • Doing Art Fairs, An A-Z Guide:  Want to See What We're All About? Check out this Video

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Packing Your Artwork for Shipping:  In a Tube, a Box, or a Crate
  • Painting Large
  • Understanding the Body Language of Your Potential Collectors When Selling In-Person
  • Planning for an Open Studio Event
  • Stretching a Canvas
  • Building Your Email List, Lead Magnets, & E-Newsletters
  • How to Do Videos of Yourself + Topic Ideas for Videos
  • Using Canva for Your Art Business + Social Media Posts
  • How to Find Art Shows, Art Festivals + Fairs
  • Handling Creative Burnout
  • Tax Implications:  Hobby vs. Business
  • Creating Systems to Organize Your Art Business
  • How to Talk to Clients + Sell Your Artwork in Person
  • One-on-One Coaching Sessions:  learn from what other artists are doing in their art business

    And much, much more!

Who We Are

Fearless Leaders

International Artist Cat Tesla is represented by galleries in the U.S. and U.K. “Using nature as my muse, I combine color, shape, and line resulting in a painting that has tons of layers, gestural, and free. I use acrylic, inks, graphite, wax crayon, oil pastel, & oil glazes. I start each painting with a ritual: taking a hike or sitting outside, doing mindful meditation and then beginning. Coming to the studio centered and without expectation allows me to have a conversation with the canvas. A mark is made, in response another, and another, and the dance begins.”

Cat resides in North Port, Florida with her husband who is a musician, composer, and artist.

Julie Schumer is represented by galleries in the U.S. “My current body of works in each of my painting series involves an investigation of coming and going, appearing and disappearing lines and shapes and the creation of luminous depth, which are the result of their many layers, both added and subtracted, and their resulting complexity. The work is meant to invite the viewer in to my own interior world, take a look around and ponder its depth. The marks are both agitated and controlled, with forms emerging and disappearing simultaneously. I start each piece by drawing on the painting surface with an art drawing tool of some kind. This might be some form of graphite, water soluble crayon or charcoal. I continue by layering paint with marks in a seemingly endless process. The surfaces are ultimately softly colored, sometimes black is employed in the form of an irregular shape as a counterpoint and contrast. I work spontaneously and intuitively, focusing on process rather than intention.”

Julie resides in Santa Fe with her husband who is also an artist.

Invest in Yourself

There’s either “I will” or “I won’t”. 

Or “I can” or “I can’t”. 

The decision is always yours.


"The Business Membership with Cat Tesla & Julie Schumer is filled with much juicy information to help artists build and stay on track with their art business. My favourite part were the monthly Zoom calls getting support from Cat and Julie and the artists in the group. I highly recommend this membership for artists who want to up their art business game, and receive help from two artists who have loads of experience."                      ~Marianne N.

"The Business of Art Membership is the BEST group I’ve participated in to grow and expand my art business in a clear and professional way. Content is provided that applies to any artist at any stage of their business development. I can ask a question about anything art business related and get an answer quickly. One of the best opportunities that is included in this membership is the end of the month planning session where we meet by Zoom and each of us talks about what we are doing and goals we are working toward. Lots of great support and suggestions that take me into my next month of planning. This membership has given me the confidence to expand my art business beyond what I dreamed possible!"  Mary J. 

“I love the Business of Art membership! Cat and Julie answer all my questions either through their incredibly detailed and well thought out video presentations or directly, the same day, via the platform. I have often sought their advice about an offer or opportunity that comes my way and they always come through for me. Their collective experience is invaluable. Plus, you have the rest of the community to offer their advice or just commiserate!” Sandy P.

“The Business of Art Membership has been an essential resource for me as I try and turn my painting hobby into a full fledged business. It is a perfect combination of mindset work, practical information and community. There is an incredible amount of information - everything I have needed to know about shipping and pricing my work, seeking gallery representation, participating in shows and fairs and more! I have really enjoyed getting to know the other artists in the membership and it is so nice to have a group to turn to when I have questions.” Sarah S.


How long can I access the membership?
For as long as you are a paid member, you can access all information inside the membership. You can cancel at anytime. All subscriptions automatically renew, with a reminder sent to you before the first scheduled renewal date. (It's a great idea to write your Business of Art Membership anniversary on your calendar.) You may cancel your monthly or annual membership at any point before your next scheduled payment.

What if I am unhappy with the membership?
If you are unhappy with your purchase, contact us within 3 days of the next subscription charge and your membership will be cancelled. Unfortunately, there are no refunds for the Membership. 

Do I need to have a lot of experience to join the membership?
We have artists who are just beginning their art business and seasoned artists who have been in business more than a decade. Wherever you are, you'll fit right in.

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